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The only way to meet customer demand: WiFi in holiday parks

wifi in holiday parks

It is estimated that four out of five UK adults now own a smartphone; the equivalent of 37 million people.

And now, a report from Deloitte suggests that the UK ‘has never been more addicted to smartphones’. Some holiday parks and other businesses in the leisure industry could be missing out on valuable business by simply not offering WiFi to guests so that they can continue to access their smartphones. Many smartphone users want WiFi in holiday parks to stay in contact with friends and family, book excursions and day trips and keep their children happy.
Mr Lee, head of technology, media and telecommunications research at Deloitte sees this overuse as a “temporary thing” motivated by the increasing innovation around smartphones. “We’re getting used to how to use this tech which, let’s remind ourselves, is just nine years old. When we have something new we tend to overreact to it,” says Mr Lee.
But this is not just a faze for smartphones, Mr Lee adds that “given the sizeable base of existing owners, smartphone sales are likely to remain in the tens of millions for the foreseeable future” making WiFi a worthwhile investment.

WiFi in holiday parks and campsites will see:

  • increase in the number of new guests
  • generate additional revenue
  • increase attractiveness of the park
  • improve guest satisfaction
  • keep the park up to date
  • gain competitive advantage
You could get the great benefits that come from offering WiFi to guests with Camping Connect, specialists in providing fast and reliable WiFi in holiday parks.

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