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In Van Wi-Fi is committed to providing you a dedicated, reliable, high-speed internet connection direct to your caravan

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What is In Van WiFi?

Super fast dedicated internet connection directly to your caravan

We don’t use regular phone lines we use super fast fibre optic and beam superfast broadband to your caravan using the latest technology – there’s no need for wires so you can get connected to high-speed internet with little hassle.

Our services are superfast, reliable and secure. Your Wi-Fi will be totally unlimited and is perfect for streaming the latest movies, playing the newest games and connecting all your Smart Home devices. Plus, you get your own router!

Customer Service

At Camping Connect, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service to our users

We have a seven days a week support line that is even open on bank holidays for you to get in touch. Our friendly, UK-based support team will be there to answer all your queries and ensure you have a great Wi-Fi experience.

It’s not just our support line that our customers choose us for – we are continually monitoring your system behind the scenes so that if a problem does arise, we get working on it right away, before it affects your service.

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Quick and easy install

Premium and personal Wi-Fi

Packages to suit all needs with speeds from 5Mbps

Fast and reliable buffer free connectivity! Perfect for Gaming, Netflix & Prime

7 Days a week service desk for any questions you might have

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it difficult to install?
Our dedicated team of engineers ensure the installation is quick and easy. A simple fixing to the outside of your caravan and cable run to the inside and you’re all set up. With an average installation time of 30 minutes, the whole process can be completed without a fuss.
I’ve had Wi-Fi before but it didn’t work very well
In Van Wi-Fi is designed to meet the needs of our users. No more time spent trying to connect. With your own dedicated connection, signal issues are no more. Stream films with no buffering and play games with no lag or timeouts. In Van WiFi is the answer to having a fast and reliable connection when you most need it.
Is the system secure?
You’ll have your own network and unique password so security is not an issue. Our dedicated support staff take care of all the configuration necessary for you to enjoy secure browsing. Whether its internet banking or shopping online, your information is safe and secure on our network
What if I need to cancel?
We offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind. However, outside of this initial period, we will require you to go through some troubleshooting to see if the problem can be rectified. If on completion of the troubleshooting there is no resolution, we would be happy to offer you a full refund. If you have purchased equipment, this will be yours to keep. Alternatively, if the equipment is included as part of your monthly package, you will be required to this to us at the earliest convenience.
What you get with Camping Connect

Your own personal router with a fast, secure and dedicated connection, an external antenna that is neat and easily installed by one of our engineers.

With In Van Wi-Fi you get an unlimited connection that is always on, ideal for Games Consoles, Smart TV’s, Alexa, and Google Home. Connect your devices to the network once and you’re all set.

Our support staff are always on hand. Fully managing the network at all times. We’ll have you back up and running in no time. However, should any issues arise that we can’t fix. We offer a 12-month warranty on all equipment.

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Basic Wifi
£15 per month
Up to 5Mbps
Unlimited downloads
Suitable for up to 3 devices. Ideal for homes that don’t consume a large amount of data
Monthly payment applies to season duration and will be required in advance.
£250 one-off installation payable on order for router and engineer fitting
Standard Wifi
£25 per Month
Up to 15Mbps
Unlimited downloads
Suitable for up to 8 devices. Perfect for downloading, streaming movies and TV shows in HD, and online gaming
Monthly payment applies to season duration and will be required in advance.
£250 one-off installation payable on order for router and engineer fitting
Superfast Wifi
£35-75 per month
Starts at 20Mbps++
Unlimited downloads
Suitable for up to 15+ devices. Perfect for those who want an Ultrafast connection!
Monthly payment applies to season duration and will be required in advance.
£250 one-off installation payable on order for router and engineer fitting

Prices may vary per site depending on specific offers

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