In Van Premium Wi-Fi

Impress your guests by providing a five-star Wi-Fi service that performs just like home broadband.

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How can I keep up with my guests ever growing demands of WiFi?

In Van Wi-Fi provides your guests a faster, more reliable and dedicated connection directly to the caravan.

Connect each van or lodge to a secure, personal Wi-Fi Network and give them the capability to stream films and media content to smart TVs, gaming consoles or laptops.

In Van Wi-Fi enables guests to take advantage of all their Wi-Fi gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home. In Van Wi-fi provides your users with the ability to use what they want, when they want!

Give your guests the latest in WiFi solutions today!

Comparable to home broadband, provide your guests with a reliable, robust connection throughout the whole accommodation

Our In Van Wi-Fi service provides the necessary superfast speeds to give your customers a premium WiFi experience they are used to at home.

So how does it work?

Quick and easy install, guaranteed superfast speeds, and less support needed.

We don’t use regular phone lines, we use superfast fibre optic and beam high-speed broadband to your guests’ accommodation using the latest technology – there’s no need for wires so they can get connected to high-speed internet with little hassle.

Watch our video to see how it works

Quick and easy install

Premium and personal WiFi service for your guests

Packages to suit all guests needs – speeds from 5Mbps

Fast and reliable – Ideal to meet the needs of Netflix and Prime

Full managed with a support desk seven days a week

Frequently Asked Questions
Isn’t In Van WIFI too expensive?
We have something for everyone, including a range of payment options to suit all your guests’ needs. Government grants are also available to areas with poor broadband speeds to help them get connected. Call for more info.
Is it difficult to install?
With a quick and easy install completed in an average of around 30 minutes, holiday home owners can arrange a time with our professional installation team to install the WiFi system at the customers convenience.
I’ve had Holiday Park WIFI before but it didn’t work
In Van Wi-Fi is a new service committed to overcoming the obstacles associated with an external broadcast network. With a dedicated connection beamed directly to the user’s caravan. We are committed to providing a fast and secure connection to all your guests.
I don’t think I need it
75% of businesses say they now consider wireless access to be “important” or “very important” to their business. In Van Wi-Fi addresses the ever-growing need for the user being able to stream, game and connect all their gadgets. In fact, In Van Wi-Fi is designed specifically with this in mind. Always on and ready to go, In Van WiFi is a dedicated solution committed to bringing your guests a premium experience.
I don’t think the speeds will be good enough
If your location has poor or no broadband, we will install broadband lines to improve the speeds to your area to ensure you get a better WiFi signal. Grants are available for areas that struggle with broadband speeds and we are happy to help you through the process.