Commercial Wifi Services for Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Businesses
Everything you need to know

If you are a leisure and tourism business owner, then you need to see how easy it is to get WiFi solutions for your guests and learn more details about how it works.

How to get WiFi with Camping Connect

Contact to learn how wifi works
Contact us
Get in touch and tell us a little bit about your business so we can see what you need and map out a solution.
tailored caravan park wifi solutions
Your tailored WiFi design
Our technical team will provide you with a wifi solution that will meet your business needs without breaking the bank.
self installation of caravan park wifi equipment =
Choose your installation option
We’ll either send you a self install WiFi kit or arrange a date for our installation team to visit.
supported caravan park wifi networks
Sit back & relax
We will run, manage and support your wifi for you whilst our 7 day support desk will support your customers too.
easy to use caravan park WiFi
Get connected
Once you’re up and running customers can enjoy great wifi from the comfort of their holiday accommodation.

Why our wifi solutions are right for you

managed and supported caravan park Wifi installations
Managed & supported
Our experienced and friendly UK based support team are on hand 7 days a week to answer your queries.
safe and secure caravan park wifi
Secure and separate
We provide a secure login process and separate the business WiFi from the guest WiFi, keeping your business network protected.
caravan park wifi networks that are legally compliant
Legislatively compliant
We ensure your system is fully compliant with all relevant legislative requirements to keep your business protected.
family friendly caravan park wifi
Friendly WiFi approved
We’re Friendly WiFi approved to ensure that filtering systems are provided to block unsuitable material and stop people downloading illegal content.

Step 1. Choose your installation option

Professional Installation
Our experienced and qualified engineering team will come out to you to install the system ready for you to use. We also conduct a series of tests and surveys before, during and after the installation to ensure you get the best holiday park WiFi solution.
  • Ideal solution for large sites
  • Completely hassle-free for you
  • 12 month warranty on installation
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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Self Installation
All our equipment is preconfigured so there’s nothing technical that you need to do, it’ll be a simple case of plug and play. Simply order the equipment and we’ll send it out to you. You’ll receive the pre-configured kit with detailed instructions guiding you through the process. Watch our explainer video at the top of the page to learn more.
  • All the equipment is prepared and posted to you in a kit format.
  • Simplified and easy to read instructions with a detailed site map.
  • Tried and tested easy deployment method with 7 day telephone support
  • As soon as you receive your kit, you can start setting up the WiFi straight away.

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tested caravan park wifi networks ensure reliabilityAll of our networks are expertly designed, safely installed and rigorously tested.
caravan park wifi signal survey providerWe undertake a detailed WiFi signal survey using the latest test equipment.
monitored caravan park wifi solutionsNetworks are continually monitored to ensure everything is working as it should be.
secure wifi

Keep your younger guests safe online

Learn more about our secure WiFi offerings here

Step 2. Choose how to run the WiFi

Complete Ownership of your caravan park wifi
Complete Ownership
Buy the system outright and have complete ownership.
Fully Supported caravan park wifi networks
Fully supported
We will support and manage the system for a simple maintenance fee.
Easy Installation with your self install kit for caravan park wifi
Easy Installation
Simply set it up yourself with our easy self install package or get our team to come out and install it for you.
Control your guest network tariffs on caravan park wifi
Control your tariffs
Set your own tariffs, and choose whether to charge your guests for access, or offer it complimentary – or even a mixture of both!
Multiple caravan park WiFi Networks
Multiple networks
Run multiple networks from the same system so that your business WiFi can be kept separate from your guest WiFi.
Managed Benefits
  • You have complete control of your system.
  • Option to set free or paid tariffs will help satisfy guests.
  • We will proactively manage and support the system for you.
  • You keep all the revenue if you decide to charge guests for WiFi access.
Contact us about managed
Free caravan park WiFi Equipment
Free equipment
Equipment is provided by us free of charge.
Camping connect provider caravan park WiFi installations
We set it up
We will install it for you for little or no cost.
Guests pay for caravan park wifi access
Guests pay for access
Set tariffs for charging guests for their WiFi usage.
Profit share opportunity with caravan park wifi networks
Profit share opportunity
There is an opportunity for profit share subject to eligibility
Partnership Benefits
  • No capital cost to your business
  • No maintenance fees
  • We continue to manage and support the system for you
  • Additional source of income
Contact us about partnership

Beautifully Branded Login Pages


Engage with guests through captivating and branded login pages tailormade just for you. Guests will access the Internet through free, paid or social logins and interact with your business like never before.

Fully customised and branded caravan park wifi login pages

Step. 3 Choose how guests login

Invite your guests to connect using a variety of seamless login options.