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Social media for Holiday Parks: The Essentials

social media for holiday parks

Social media for holiday parks is essential to attract new guests.

Do you have fast and reliable WiFi to connect you to thousands of potential guests?

  A report by VisitBritain has found that social media is one of the main ways that people decide to choose Britain as a holiday destination. This means social media for holiday parks is necessary to reach potential guests where they are.   Facebook was the main source of information whilst Twitter was used to find advice and Instagram was used to help people plan their trip.   The report found that 70% of those surveyed said content posted online by friends made them want to visit a destination.   It also found that 76% of all respondents had read reviews before choosing where to go on holiday.   VisitBritain marketing director Joss Croft said: “this research reinforces to all of us working in the travel industry the powerful role that social media now plays in offering unparalleled opportunities to engage directly with potential visitors in a timely way.”  

At Camping Connect, our systems are tailormade for your parks needs so you get the fastest and most reliable WiFi.

  With a holiday park WiFi system, you can:
  • Attract new guests
  • Improve guest satisfaction
  • Reach potential guests where they are
  • Improve attractiveness of your business

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