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The Ultimate Guide: Social Media for Holiday Parks

social media for holiday parks
WiFi isn’t just a benefit for your guests…it can be a great tool for your business too! So we’ve created this handy guide to social media for holiday parks and caravan sites. It’s got everything   It’s got everything you need to know including how to use it, what platforms are best and how to promote your business online!

Do holiday parks need social media? In short….Yes!


Connect with guests where they are

Interact with existing and potential guests through social media to build loyalty and trust in your business.  

Give your business an online presence

Interact on forums, review sites like Trip Advisor and booking sites to get your business name out there. It allows you to directly respond to questions and queries, boost your reputation and increase awareness.  

Advertise your business to a wider audience

There are over 2 billion social media users around the world that you can advertise to. It’s a much larger audience than standard forms of advertising for a fraction of the cost!  

Gain valuable insights into your guests

Social media platforms now give you the ability to track important data about potential guests such as what they’re searching for and when they’re searching for it. It means that you can target your posts in a more direct way to attract more guests.  

Increase web traffic and search ranking

Ensure you include your website address on your social media platforms to drive more traffic to your website. Regular social media activity has also been shown to increase your chances of being found in search engines.  

See what competitors are doing

View competitors social media profiles to see what they are doing to attract guests. It can give you an idea of what your business needs to be doing to drive traffic to your pages.  

What social media platforms work best for holiday parks?





  • Easily create a dialogue with users
  • Most visited platform of them all with 1.35 billion active users a month
  • 56% of people check Facebook daily so will see regular posts
  • Collect statistics and data about visitors


  • As the largest platform it does require more constant attention




  • Delivers 1 billion unique visitors to websites via links
  • Talk to guests in-depth with direct messaging
  • 53% of people recommend companies on Twitter


  • Only 140 characters per tweet
  • It has a chronological timeline which means users can miss tweets if posted at the wrong times




  • Professional social network
  • Great way to recruit new staff
  • Engage in industry communications with associations and other parks
  • Regular posts about latest industry news


  • A mainly B2B platform so you won’t reach potential guests




  • Fun engagement with users
  • Easy to use
  • Very visual – good for posting images of your site


  • A largely younger demographic
  • You can only use the app on mobile devices
  • Not a good platform for word posts

Social media jargon



This is the name given to users that like your page on Twitter. By liking your page they can keep up to date with all your posts and can see what your business is up to. Essentially, ‘following’ your activity.


This is similar to followers on Twitter but on Facebook, the users that follow your activity are referred to as likes. They ‘like’ your page to follow it.


Content published on Facebook are called posts. You can use this feature to keep people up to date with your business and important information for guests.


A tweet refers to a written message published on Twitter. There is a box at the top of the page to write tweets in and images can also be attached. Like Facebook posts, these can be used to keep followers up to date with your business.


This is usually a word or phrase preceded by a “#” symbol used on social media to identify messages around a specific topic.


Trending refers to Hashtags that are being used regularly by a large number of people and usually relate to the most popular news of the day. You can follow trending hashtags to follow the conversation around a particularly popular topic.

How to make social media work for your business


What content to post

Make sure that you are posting content that will interest your target audience. This can include information about your services or informative and helpful posts e.g. your opening times for the summer season.

When to post

Studies show that the days when most users are active are Thursdays and Fridays whilst the evenings are the most popular time. However, this can vary for different businesses. Use ‘Insights’ on Facebook to show you when your users are visiting your page so you can time your content for the most user engagement.

Using images

Statistics show that more people engage with posts that are accompanied by images. Make sure every post/tweet is accompanied by an image to ensure you get maximum user engagement.

We hope this guide to social media for holiday parks helps more businesses to utilise WiFi. If you’re looking for fast and reliable WiFi for your holiday park then get in touch with us today on 01792 277 230.