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How to safeguard your holiday park

safeguard your holiday park

Incidents are unfortunately all too common in holiday park locations.

Roy Williams of Crosby Intruder Alarms says “Holiday park theft is becoming a big issue as caravans, lodges and holiday homes increasingly have more valuables in them.” Fortunately, you can safeguard your holiday park with robust wireless CCTV from Camping Connect.

How to safeguard your holiday park:


Keep your customers & property safe

Our expert team will install high quality wireless CCTV systems that will benefit you, your business and your customers.

Deploy over hard to reach areas

Integrating the latest CCTV & Wireless technology, we are now able to deploy CCTV cameras in the most remote locations. This ensures total site coverage for your business.

Remote monitoring on computers or smartphones

Watch what’s happening from wherever you are, and have peace of mind knowing your business is safe with our remote management tools, now available on your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Cost effective installations

Our wireless CCTV systems eliminate the added costs of drilling holes and pulling cables allowing for a simple and efficient installation. This saving in time becomes a saving in spending.

How CCTV surveillance works

Keep an eye on your business

Keep an eye on your business safe by installing wireless CCTV where your eyes can’t reach. Incorporate as many cameras as needed to cover your premises and connect these up to a central recording station.

Live footage or recordings

Now you can review live footage or recordings from any device. Its intuitive interface allows you to watch live feeds from multiple IP cameras, playback recordings, manage camera settings and do much more.

Compatibility for major browsers

With compatibility for major browsers and mobile devices, you can monitor and protect your physical environment from almost anywhere, anytime.

Flexible surveillance

For large stores, office buildings, or other deployments that span multiple servers or locations, monitoring live feeds and recordings might become a daunting, tedious task. Spend less time on tedious management, and more time safeguarding your surroundings.

Mobile monitoring

Monitor your property and assets from anywhere with the free mobile application? Whether you’re a Windows®, Mac®, iOS, or Android user, it’ll work perfectly with your preferred operating system.

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