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How to offer free WiFi in Cafes

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We’re seeing it everywhere. Coffee shops filled with business people taking up whole tables with their laptops and spending hours making the most of WiFi in cafes. All for the price of a flat white. Although it may look like business is booming, smaller cafes are struggling to meet the demands of WiFi users and control their customer flow at the same time. With cafe giants like Starbucks and Caffe Nero offering free WiFi as standard, it’s hard for smaller, artisan coffee shops to keep their business up to date. We’re knee deep in the digital world, and WiFi in cafes for people on the move is becoming essential. It’s now necessary for cafes, bars and restaurants to follow suit, so here are some tips on how to offer free guest WiFi that can still benefit your business.

Problems you could face


Ensure your business information is protected from the prying eyes of customers

Contended bandwidth

Make sure all customers benefit from the same amount of usage

Illegal content

Stop customers from accessing content that isn’t family friendly

Staff productivity loss

Put limits in place to keep staff focused on the job

How Camping Connect can help supply WiFi in cafes

We ensure the following in all our cafe WiFi solutions to offer the best guest WiFi system to your customers.

Timed Access

Control the length of time customers can access your guest WiFi for. This will help combat the people that will stay for hours, allowing you to better control your flow of customers.


Why not hand out a voucher with every purchase that allows paying customers access to the internet? This will stop customers asking for a glass of water every time they come in to use the WiFi, and help generate more revenue for the business.

Social media login

Get your free guest WiFi making money for you. You can make it necessary for customers to login to the cafe WiFi through their social media pages. It acts as a free social marketing tool, as customers ‘like’ your page and ‘check-in’ to your location promoting your business to all their friends and potential customers.

Multiple networks

It’s a risk handing over the password to your business WiFi. Ensure your business network is kept safe by operating a separate guest WiFi network for customers. They can login to this and enjoy the WiFi whilst you keep your important business information private.

Content filtering

We employ content filtering systems such as SafeDNS to ensure that unsuitable material can’t be accessed from your guest WiFi. We’re also a Friendly WiFi provider, ensuring all content is family friendly.

If you’re interested in offering free guest WiFi at your cafe with all these great benefits, then get in touch with us today!

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