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The ultimate WiFi solution for small holiday parks

small holiday park wifi

At Camping Connect we’re always working closely with our customers to get them the best value from WiFi for small holiday parks.

WiFi for small holiday parks and tent parks in remote locations can be difficult but our self install WiFi in a box  is a great option and it couldn’t be easier.

All our equipment is preconfigured so there’s nothing technical that you need to do, it’ll be a simple case of plug and play.

What it includes:

All the equipment is prepared and posted to you in a kit format Simplified and easy to read instructions with a detailed site map 7 day telephone support from our UK based support team

Here’s how it works:

Simply order the equipment and we’ll send it out to you. Choose a location to place the antenna and connect it with the network cable we supply to your router. Connect to the power supply so your customers can access the internet through this access point. To increase coverage, install as many antennas as required around 50-100m from any other antennas and connect to a power source. It’s that simple!

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