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All you need to know about data protection for Holiday Parks

data protection for holiday parks

With an increase in the amount of data being stored online, the Data Protection Act is not providing sufficient protection.

Keeping personal data for marketing and cybercrime has meant data protection for holiday parks is high priority.   To combat this, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been approved by the European Union. Despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the GDPR will become UK law in May 2018 as it provides a critical need for development on existing data protection law.   “It is critically important that businesses start preparing now for the GDPR as everyone will need to use that lead-in period up to 2018 to properly prepare their business for compliance” says Jowanna Conboye, a solicitor specialising in intellectual property and information technology at Stephens Scown in Cornwall.   “Park owners and operators can really set themselves apart by showing prospective customers how aware they are of the need to protect their information. The advent of GDPR represents a great opportunity for businesses of all kinds to get their house in order.” she adds.

Data protection for Holiday Parks

As a park owner or operator, you will be held responsible if something happens to the data.

At Camping Connect, we ensure your system is legislatively compliant and fully secure. Here’s how:

Content filtering

Ensure guests don’t access inappropriate content through your WiFi system to keep it protected from potential viruses. We can enable content filters on the WiFi to make sure all content is family-friendly.

Multiple networks

Protect your business information by offering a separate WiFi system for guests. This keeps your private business information secure whilst allowing guests to still enjoy the WiFi.

Secure login process

Control who uses your holiday park WiFi with a secure login process that also protects the users personal information so that no-one can access it.


There are businesses out there that are specialists in protecting businesses from online threats. We have formed partnerships with SafeDNS and Friendly WiFi to ensure our WiFi has the best content filtering in place and also ensures your WiFi is legally compliant.   Data protection for holiday parks is essential. Find out how you can get a better protected WiFi system with us. Call us on 01792 277 230 OR Fill in our contact form here.  

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