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5 ways to keep your holiday park WiFi safe

keep your holiday park wifi safe
It’s a scary time for businesses on the Internet. Now, there are more threats to a business than just financial and physical ones, there’s online threats too. From hacking to viruses, the internet poses a minefield of problems for businesses like holiday parks that aren’t properly protected. Even tech giant Yahoo has felt the immense impact of an online attack recently, with information stolen from 500 million users. So what are you doing to keep your holiday park WiFi safe?

Here are the 5  ways to keep your holiday park safe:

Content filtering

Users could access inappropriate content that is not suited to a family friendly environment. Install a content filtering system so inappropriate material is blocked before anyone can see it.

Multiple networks

Many  parks still don’t understand the benefits of keeping their holiday park WiFi safe and separate from their guest WiFi. Having multiple networks eliminates the chances of customers being able to access your important business information. Offering your customers a separate WiFi network allows you to keep your business information safe and secure, whilst they happily surf the web.

Abide by legislation

The last thing a holiday park needs is to be caught not following legislation. This could result in a nasty unexpected fine. To avoid this, look up the relevant legislation in place in your country of operation and make sure your business is compliant with it. Legislation is in place to protect your business too, so make sure you’re compliant.

Secure login process

This is a great way to control who’s using your holiday park guest WiFi. Offering a secure login process to protect the user’s information, ensures that it cannot be accessed by anyone. This will be implemented across multiple networks, so you can keep track of your users online.


There are a number of companies out there that specialise in helping protect a business from online threats. Forming partnerships with these companies, ensures your Internet is safe, secure and legally compliant. SafeDNS and Friendly WiFi  work to ensure that content filtering is put in place and all content is family friendly. The Internet Watch Foundation uses a watchlist to block inappropriate material.

How Camping Connect can help

At Camping Connect, we understand the importance of protecting your customers and your holiday park WiFi from online threats, so we do everything we can to ensure that your system is completely safe and secure whilst also complying to all relevant legislation.

To find out more about how we can help you keep your holiday park WiFi safe from online threats, fill in our simple contact form here.