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What your guests really think about WiFi – #wifiwisdom

WiFi has become one of the most highly requested amenities for businesses in the tourism industry. More and more UK holidaymakers are expecting WiFi wherever they go. Is your business meeting the demand? We’ve put together a list of industry statistics to highlight the importance of WiFi for businesses like holiday parks and holiday accommodation […]

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3 super easy ways to check your Internet speeds! – #wifiwisdom

broadband speed checker header

Did you know better broadband means a better WiFi connection? Many of our customers came to us with worries about the broadband speeds in their area and how this affected their ability to get WiFi. At Camping Connect we can provide parks with broadband as well as WiFi so that remote areas can get better […]

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The A-Z of Holiday Park WiFi – #wifiwisdom

holiday park wifi a-z

When it comes to the WiFi industry, there are a range of words we use that not everyone understands! We want to make it easier for our customers and anyone looking to get WiFi for their business to understand how it works. This should make you feel more confident when purchasing a system and that […]

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